Red Rooster Barber Services

Red Rooster is a cash only barber shop. Please call ahead or stop by for same day appointments.

Our services consist of all styles relating to men’s hair, including but not limited to tappers, fades, hard parts and beard trims. Haircuts start out at $20.00 and beard trims $10.00.


A fade haircut is a form of tapering the hair. The hair is cut much lower than a regular taper. We tend to bald the back and sides where the hair starts and then taper the cut so it gradually gets thick as it extends to the top of the head.

Hard Part

A hard part is an actual shaved line in the scalp that provides definition and contrast. It can be added a many men’s haircuts including a fade, undercut, comb over, and spiky hair. This hairstyle is an expansion of the side part trend.


A classic haircut style that is back. Hair on top is left about 3 inches long while the rest of the hair is cut shorter. It is similar to a fade cut but without the dramatic balding effect. Typically the hairline around the perimeter is cut short but kept intact.

Beard Trims

We know how to trim beards and prevent awkward growth stages. Whether your goal is length or maintenance, we can help you tame your beard and achieved a groomed look.

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